Monday, 22 June 2015


A good while ago I completely deleted everything on this blog, a whole 2 years worth or writing. Since then I've moved house, completed a college course and had a baby! So now I'm a mother of 2...

I've missed blogging, totally hit a wall and just couldn't write any more, but for a few months now I've wanted to start blogging again. So here I am writing my first post. I'm hoping to write about plans, ambitions, life and maybe reviews? but I'm not 100% sure yet so I guess I'll be going with the flow and I hope you stick around to join me!

Heres a little about myself. I'm 24 living in London with my two daughters, aged 5 and a baby who is currently 11 weeks. I love photography, recently I've really gotten into Calligraphy and really want to start designing my own products but I need to learn how to write correctly first :) I recently completed a level 1 AAT Accounting Course and hoping to proceed to level 2 in September in the hope I can start my own business, but I would like to start one way before when I finish the course. All depending on how things plan out I guess. I'm currently saving to be able to buy my own home and to own a lovely car. The main important thing, I want to give my children absolutely everything, I want the ultimate best for them :) 

So heres hoping to a nice new fun blog and I hope to gain some friends and readers along the way :)

Clair x